Ghost Dog

There’s a dog in our neighborhood that sounds exactly like a Schipperke we had, who passed six years ago.  She was sixteen and infirm when she crossed over, but when the neighbor’s dog barks I look up from my desk half-expecting her to see her in her heyday, patrolling the yard.

Susan:  There it is!  There’s that dog that sounds like Sissel!

Harry:  I wonder if it’s real or if it’s actually Sissel sending us a psychic message?

Susan:  Hmmn.  What kind of message do you think she would send us?

Harry:  Saying, “Hi!”



Puppies vs. Golum

Harry:  Mommy, did you know that if I zap the puppies with a Cuteness Ray, nothing would happen?

Me:  Because they already exceed maximum cuteness?

Harry:  Exactly!  (he’s a little surprised and disappointed that I figured this out so fast)….but Mommy, if you zapped GOLUM with the Cuteness Ray..

Me:  (laughing)…..

Harry:  A LOT would happen!!

(watch out Golum, you’re about to get zapped).

Harry has made a wedding completely out of paper for his two little stuffed animals and is decorating them when I walk into the room.

Me:  Wow.  What are you making?

Harry:  I just married my two doggie stuffies.

Me:  Did they write their own vows?  What did they say to each other?

Harry:  They said, “I do”, Mommy.

Me:  Oh.

Harry:  Now they’re on their honeymoon.  They are staying in a hotel.  Then I built them a house.  See how I reinforced it with tape?

Me:  Cool!  Where are they on honeymoon?

Harry:  The Barkhamas.  Get it?


Who’s On First

Harry: Yes!!! I got everything in my backpack!……but there’s a hole in it…..
Susan: Oh, that’s supposed to be there honey.
Ben: It’s for your ipod.
Harry: It’s too small for an ipod.
Ben: No, silly, it’s for keeping your ipod in the backpack and the cords come through that hole. So you can listen while you keep the ipod in your backpack.
Harry: But how do you get an ipod???
Jack: Um……it’s sold separately……??